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CIP Bloomington Alumni Student Angelina looking happy and smiling


CIP Bloomington’s Program Director Ed Roe recently sat down with Bloomington alumni Angelina to learn about her success with independence as a neurodivergent young adult since finishing her CIP program.

Are you employed? Where are you working?

I am working as a Teacher’s Aide at Head Start in Bloomington. I am excited because this is the first paid job I have ever had. I work with children who are infants all the way up to 5 years old.

Where are you living? Do you have a roommate?

I am living in a studio apartment in downtown Bloomington, nearby CIP. Since it is a studio apartment, I live by myself.

What is your biggest accomplishment since leaving CIP?  What have you done that you are most proud of?

My biggest accomplishment is definitely my job. I have to give huge thanks to John (Loveland, Careers Coordinator) for introducing me to Head Start and helping me apply there. Like I said, this is my first ever paid job, and I am very proud. I am most proud, however, of my independence. I no longer need to rely on my grandma for so many things, such as calling in and picking up my medication. She always used to do that for me, but I can take care of that on my own now.

What is your favorite memory from your time at CIP?

I always loved our Among Us gaming nights at the center. We would hold them every two weeks, and staff would play sometimes, too. I was really good at being the Impostor. I remember one time how shocked Lazuli (Davis, Social Skills Coordinator) was that I won so quickly and sneakily. I always looked forward to this time. I also had fun at Family and Alumni Weekend, when I got to come back to CIP and speak to families and students. I spoke in front of 50 people, and everyone was stunned when I told them at the end that I used to be terrified of public speaking before I came to CIP.

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