Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Preparedness

Our promise is to help ensure the highest levels of health and safety within our programs and to adapt our programs and services to address both temporary and permanent societal changes within education, housing, employment, socialization, and health and well-being due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus Health & Safety Information

At CIP, we pride ourselves on being an extremely safe and healthy community. Unprecedented times call for new ways of adapting and rising to meet the challenges ahead. Our CIP community is dedicated to continually upholding our health and safety standards as COVID-19 best practices evolve. In typical CIP fashion, we’re making it fun and engaging for all.

Six Point Plan Key Objectives

Student Health & Hygiene

Goal: To help ensure students understand and practice key health and hygiene practices specific to COVID-19 and related diseases and to ensure a level of appropriate self-care is followed if experiencing symptoms or illness.

Staff COVID-19 Education & Response

Goal: To train staff members in best practices related to the prevention of COVID-19 and to provide support for students in following related health and hygiene practices.

Administrative & Student Services Protocols

Goal: To adapt and modify CIP’s physical settings, staffing structure, student programming, services, and supporting activities in order to retain our focus on student learning and engagement while providing a safe and healthy environment.

Collaboration with State & Local Health Officials

Goal: To obtain expert guidance on an ongoing basis related to local community trends and resources and assistance in guiding CIP’s plans and decision making.

Contingency Plans

Goal: To clearly outline additional scenarios, triggering events, and related action plans in the case of serious business and/or program disruptions (such as discontinuation of on-site services) specific to COVID-19 and related communicable diseases.

Communication Practices

Goal: To continue to review and revise internal and external communication practices and related communication channels as needed ensuring all parties continue to coordinate and stay informed on a timely basis.

CIP is unique in that it has elements of a school, institute of higher education, shared living environment, and business. Thus CIP reviews and incorporates elements of related CDC guidance in conjunction with local health officials to develop and adapt policies and procedures to maintain strict levels of health and safety. CIP is a residential special education service provider which is considered an “essential service” and thus we maintain a certain level of in-person services ongoing.

CIP’s Stayover Policy gives current students the option to reside within their student housing during scheduled CIP non-programming periods. This can be beneficial for students who may have difficulty traveling during shorter breaks, are employed and want to continue working, or otherwise have a reasonable need to stay within their housing with limited staffing support. Stayovers are permitted on a case-by-case basis.

When a student travels off campus, CIP requires close coordination with the student and family to make proper preparations for departure and return.

CIP's Return Screening Process checks in individually with each student and their family to review travel plans, CIP's current policy's, and related health and safety practices to help ensure our high level of health and safety standards continue to be met.

Vaccinations are currently in emergency use authorization for adults and thus related guidance is expected to continue to become available. CIP encourages all community members to pursue vaccination as an option. Vaccinations are not currently required for staff or students.

CIP does not require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Vaccination is  voluntary

Being vaccinated does not allow any CIP employee or student to discontinue required health and safety policies and procedures such as social distancing, use of facial mask, daily self-health attestation, etc. At this time, we're following all relevant public health guidance

A strict guest policy is in place during times of medium or high risk ratings. Parent and family visits will be limited in frequency and size when possible, and will require self-health attestation and adherence to CIP’s Community Guidelines for COVID-19.

The following are required in advance of all visits:

  • Prior approval from a Program Director
  • A self-health attestation form and a visitor form completed prior to arrival
  • Visitor group limit of 3 or fewer participants
  • Occupied student apartments will not be toured
  • All visitors must wear appropriate facial coverings (masks) at all times
  • Social distancing and capacity requirements for all indoor spaces must be strictly followed
  • Seating arrangements are established based on room occupancy limits

All CIP Centers are currently hosting tours for prospective families and professionals by appointment only.

Tours and visits are subject to our health and safety policies including self-health attestation, social distancing, and wearing facial masks.

Please contact our National Admissions Office for more information at 877-566-9247 or

Summer@CIP, our two-week in-person summer programs for high school sophomores to recent high school graduates are being planned for 2021. CIP intends to operate all programs subject to our hosting campus partners ability due to COVID-19. More information will be communicated via our email list as it develops.

CIP's two-week Virtual SummerSessions@CIP online program will continue in 2021. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact our admissions office to begin the process early.

Please visit for more information on summer programs.

Call +1 (877) 566-9247 or fill our our online inquiry form to request assistance in finding a CIP location.
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