Academic Support​

CIP students build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully pursue fields of study that are both challenging and attainable

Pursue higher education at your choice of several college & university options

CIP students receive comprehensive academic supports at local colleges while working toward a certificate or degree. CIP’s academic team helps students to:

The academic department is also responsible for helping the students to build social and executive functioning skills in an academic environment. These are many of the most important skills that will lead to academic independence.

CIP understands the unique strengths and challenges that individuals on the autism spectrum and with learning differences can possess. Our staff provides valuable guidance and support, helping each student identify and pursue a field of study that is both challenging and attainable.

Academic Coaching

Students taking courses at nearby colleges or online are aided in developing the skills necessary to plan, follow, and alter an academic path while maintaining frequent communication with college teachers, professors, and support services such as the disabilities office, student advising, and tutoring services.

Organizational Skills

The development of executive functioning skills through planning assignments and breaking them down into manageable tasks is a main focus of our academic coaching sessions. CIP’s Bookends Academic EF Groups assist each student in prioritizing and organizing academic assignments and tasks for the week and through the weekend.

Self-Advocacy & Self-Disclosure

Since each student learns differently, CIP’s Academic Team helps students develop the organizational, self-advocacy, and self-disclosure skills that work best for them. CIP’s Academic and Social Skills Teams often work together to help students learn self-advocacy and self-disclosure skills through scripting, modeling, and facilitating communication with instructors, support staff, and classroom peers.

College Academic Options​

Students pursuing academics at CIP can enroll at local colleges, universities, and technical/vocational schools as a part of the CIP program. Students can attend the following academic institutions with CIP’s comprehensive support programs for young adults 18-26 on the autism spectrum and with ADHD and other learning differences.

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