CIP Brevard Melbourne, Florida

CIP Brevard is a specialized transition program in Melbourne, Florida assisting young adults on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, and other learning differences to find success in college, employment, and independent living

Welcome to Melbourne, Florida the “High-Tech Capital of the Southeast”

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Florida, just an hour’s drive southeast of Orlando and conveniently located near the stunning beaches of the Atlantic Coast, CIP Brevard offers an unique and accommodating location for students seeking a transformative experience. 

With easy access to iconic attractions such as the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, our center provides an optimal blend of academic excellence and recreational opportunities. 

Whether delving into the marvels of space exploration or immersing themselves in the excitement of world-renowned theme parks, young adults at CIP Brevard are can maximize their educational journey in this vibrant and diverse region. Explore our comprehensive programs today!


130 Social Activities

20-30 Hours of
Service Weekly

3.75 Cumulative GPA

91% Parent
Satisfaction Rating

96% Average Student
Attendance Rates

20 Hours Community Service Per Student

CIP Brevard

College Academic Support

College-age students with learning differences and autism who choose to pursue a course of study at a local college, university or vocational program receive individualized support and direction from CIP Brevard’s academic support team.

CIP Brevard is located directly across from Eastern Florida State College and close to University of Central Florida (UCF) and Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). CIP students can pursue degrees in a wide range of career and technical programs such as Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Animal Care, Engineering and Fine Arts; all with expert support in a holistic program environment.

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Meet Our CIP Brevard Team

CIP Brevard has an experienced, professional staff with strong educational backgrounds and solid experience working with young adults with Autism, ADHD and other Learning Differences.

CIP Brevard Student Life

The Brevard Center is located in Brevard County, Florida’s Space Coast: America’s High-Tech Titan. Local big businesses include Harris Corporation, Northrup Gruman, Health First, Boeing, and Space X.

Supported Apartment Living

Our students reside in fully furnished housing located adjacent to Eastern Florida State College, just a short walk from the CIP offices and classrooms. Each student shares their living space with one to three roommates, enjoying the privacy of their own bedroom while sharing common areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. The central courtyard serves as a hub for socializing, offering a perfect setting for students to connect and unwind during evenings and weekends.

At CIP Brevard, we prioritize independent living skills. Our comprehensive support services within student housing include menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, as well as assistance with time management and organization. Through these hands-on experiences, students develop essential real-life skills and routines, preparing them for success both during their time at CIP and beyond.

Internship, Job, and Career Readiness Support

At CIP Brevard, we specialize in empowering young adults with Asperger’s, autism, ADHD, and other learning differences, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in the professional world. Our dedicated career department provides comprehensive support, ranging from resume development to personalized job coaching, ensuring that students receive the guidance they need to pursue their career aspirations.

Through our tailored approach to career preparation, CIP Brevard helps students cultivate valuable employment skills and explore their individual interests. We facilitate hands-on experiences such as volunteering, internships, and job placements, all of which are customized to meet each student’s unique strengths and goals. Our diverse range of internship and job opportunities encompasses fields such as animal care, performing arts and theater, sports, natural resources, and wildlife conservation.

With CIP Brevard’s individualized support, students gain the confidence and expertise necessary to embark on meaningful career paths.

Meet A Few CIP Brevard Students

CIP Brevard students come from all over and pursue their individual goals and dreams within the program. Meet a few students below:

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