Student Advising

For Neurodiverse Young Adults

Student advisors serve as case managers and liaisons with families. Advisors work individually with students on goal-setting, weekly self-assessment, building self-advocacy skills, and dealing with day-to-day issues.

Facilitating Your Path Toward Independence

CIP’s Student Advisors work individually with students on tasks such as goal setting, self-assessment, building self-advocacy skills, and dealing with day-to-day issues. Strong relationships are created and advisors build a foundation of trust with students and their family members.

Student Advisors oversee the development of each student’s individual plan and are responsible for coordinating progress reports and maintaining communication with the CIP team, the student, and their parents or family members. CIP’s Student Advisors help students to:

Banking & Budgeting

Advisors teach students practical money management skills such as banking, budgeting, and paying their monthly bills on time. As monthly expenses are divided between groceries, transportation, and personal spending, students learn money management techniques. Advisors assist students in balancing needs versus wants as they learn how to save for future purchases.

Transition Counseling

Transition counseling assists students with planning and preparing for their transition to the next pivotal step after CIP. Whether it’s living independently, employment, or transferring to another college or career preparation program, the advisors work closely with students and their families to create a plan for ongoing success.

Person-Centered Planning (PCP)​

The Person-Centered Plan (PCP) is a unique self-exploration and assessment tool that provides each emerging young adult the opportunity to conceptualize their short and long-term goals in a visual, creative process. Using multimedia tools, each student creates a personal presentation.

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