Curriculum Overview​

Young adults with learning differences and autism receive unparalleled support and guidance in the areas they benefit from the most

Comprehensive Curriculum

CIP's Autism Transition Programs offer a wide range of individually tailored services and supports within our year-round residential program to best meet the individual goals and needs of our students

autism transition program | Social Skills

Social Skills Development

CIP students are active in the direction of their lives and develop lasting friendships and social networks. Our social skills programs for autism and learning differences provide a structured support system and evidence-based curriculum.

autism transition program | AcademicSupport

Academic Support​

CIP offers comprehensive college academic coaching services and other supports for students with autism, ADHD, and learning differences. Achieve academic success while pursuing a degree at a local college or university.

autism transition program | CareerPrep

Employment Support

CIP’s career coaching services provide college-age students on the autism spectrum and learning differences real-life internship and job experiences with expert support and direction.

autism transition program | IndependentLiving

Independent Living

Residential supported apartment living prepares young adults with learning differences and autism for independent living. Gain real life skills and transition to higher levels of independence.

autism transition program | HealthnWellness

Health & Wellness​

Young adults with autism and LD perform at their best when there is a sustained level of wellness in their lives. Clinical therapy, diet, fitness, sleep, are core areas of CIP's health and wellness program.

autism transition program | CreativeArts

Creative Arts

All CIP programs offer unique opportunities for young adults with learning differences to express themselves artistically and develop their unique interests and talents within the creative arts.

autism transition program | Advising


CIP Advisors work individually with students on personal goal setting, weekly self-assessment, building self-advocacy and self-disclosure skills. Our experienced Advisors help students and their family members navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

autism transition program |

Executive Functioning

A key skill required during daily activities such as making it to class on time, being organized with classwork, and even social recreational events. "EF" services and supports are integrated into the CIP program as part of our cutting-edge curriculum.

Levels of Support

Young adults with learning differences and autism transitioning to adulthood benefit most from individualized support in the area of social skills, college academics, internship and career development, and life skills. Incoming CIP students are assessed during the admissions process and ongoing throughout the program to determine a Level of Support which provides each student with the appropriate amount and type of supports for success.

Available Tracks

In addition to CIP’s comprehensive and individually tailored services, each student chooses to pursue one of the following main areas of focus:

College Academic Track

Attend a local or online college, university, or vocational program to pursue the field of study of your choice with CIP’s academic support and guidance.

Career Development Track

CIP’s career development track, Career Skills Training & Employment Program (C-STEP), offers hand-on, small group classes and more extensive internship and job experiences.

CIP's comprehensive student schedule
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A Week in the Life – CIP students are active in the direction of their lives. View an example weekly student schedule to find our how CIP supports young adults with Asperger’s, ADHD and other special needs while they pursue college, employment, and independent living.

Shopping for a Transition Program?

Shopping for a an autism or LD transition program checklist

If you’re looking to identify a great post-secondary transition program for a young adult on the autism spectrum or with learning differences, use the following comprehensive guide to help make sure you are asking the right questions.

Admissions Questions?

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