College Academics

Not all CIP students attend college, but those that do have many academic options to choose from and a community dedicated to their success

College academic support for students with autism, ADHD, and learning differences

CIP’s academic support team provides a comprehensive support system that will enable students with Learning Differences to achieve academic success while pursuing studies at a local college or technical program.

CIP Berkshire's Nearby College Options

CIP students have access to several academic institutions nearby

autism transition program | berkshire community college
autism transition program | massachusetts college of liberal arts
autism transition program | mildred elley college

Berkshire Community College offers more than 40 credit programs including Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Animal Care, Engineering and Fine Arts.

Mildred Elley Business School offers credit-bearing certificate programs in areas such as Business Management, Massage Therapy, Medical Studies, Paralegal Studies and Criminal Justice.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) offers certificate programs in areas such as Network Security and Accounting as well as undergrad and graduate options for students enrolled at CIP.

College Academic Supports

Developed around the college academic experience, CIP teaches academic success strategies and supports students in college. Pursue studies at your choice of a local college or university. CIP’s comprehensive transition programs provide college academic support for young adults with autism, ADHD, and learning differences.

VIDEO: Spotlight on Success

Hear from CIP Berkshire students and families as they share their personal journeys – including finding CIP, and experiencing success.

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