Executive Functioning

For Neurodiverse Young Adults

Executive Function is needed during daily activities, such as making it to class on time, being organized for and during work, and when attending social or recreational events

Develop Strategies and Tools to Master Tasks and Time

Executive functioning is a key skill required during daily activities. Making it to college classes on time, being organized with work, and even social recreational events can be difficult to manage. CIP’s interdisciplinary team of staff incorporates executive function support globally within the program for students on the autism spectrum and with learning differences. CIP staff help support students to:

Bookends Executive Functioning Group

Staying on track with college academics requires an understanding of organization concepts and practices. Bookends EF Groups help teach organizational skills in relation to academic coursework to help students master the time management, planning, and breaking down of tasks and assignments that is necessary while pursuing college level classes.

Individual Apartment E.F.

Life Skills coaches work with students individually within the apartment setting to develop executive functioning strategies related to time management, task completion, and organization.


Reframing is a term used to describe the process in which a person converts the thoughts and feelings about a negative situation into a positive pathway for change. CIP’s Reframing Module helps students plan and organize for their day.

Reframing also includes an emotional regulation process to help students identify their thoughts and feelings. Weekly and daily themes help students with self-understanding and an important structure to start one’s day.

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