Tuition & Fees

The comprehensive services at CIP require a financial commitment on the part of each family. Please review the following information to better understand the financial commitment required.

Full Year Program

The College Internship Program (CIP) is a full-year program with fall, spring, and summer terms. Each new student is fully assessed during the admissions process to determine an appropriate Level of Support.


Entry Support Levels

Incoming CIP students are assessed into an entry Level of Support of either “Core” or “Plus”, depending on their needs.

2024 – 2025 Tuition
  • Core Level $67,500
  • Plus Level $77,500
2025 – 2026 Tuition
  • Core Level $69,500
  • Plus Level $79,800


Transition Support Level

Enrolled CIP students who have met certain benchmarks have the opportunity to transition to CIP’s off-campus support option – Graduate Living Community (GLC). Participants can retain the key supports to help them be successful in their next steps after CIP.

*Note: Tuition information is subject to change. 

Levels of Support

In order to maximize the individualized support we provide for our students, CIP’s core curriculum falls within Levels of Support. 

Available Tracks​​

In addition to CIP’s individually tailored core services, each student chooses to pursue one of the following areas of focus:

College Academic​

Tuition for enrollment in a college, university, vocational program, or other certification program varies and is separate from CIP’s costs.

Career Skills & Employment

Career Skills Training & Employment Program (C-STEP) consists of additional pre-employment training, small group workshops, and more extensive internship and job supports.
2024 – 2025 C-STEP Fee
  • All Centers $10,500
2025 – 2026 C-STEP Fee
  • All Centers $10,800


Not inclusive in the annual tuition are living accommodations, food, personal expenses, and spending money. In addition each incoming student receives a community orientation program which also bears an expense. 

New Student Onboarding Fee

Incoming students commonly enter for the Fall but may enter at other times throughout the year based on availability. All students receive an orientation to the community and program. The new student Onboarding Fee is $3,500 for all new students.

Monthly Allowance

Financial Sponsors are expected to provide the student with a monthly allowance check of $550 for food and personal spending money. This check should be made payable to the student and sent by the 15th of each month for the following month (i.e. payment should be received by October 15th for November’s expenses). Students learn to budget with the assistance of staff.

Housing Fees

Students reside in furnished apartments with their own room, bathroom, shared kitchen, and other common spaces. Cost includes all utilities (heat, water/sewer, electric, hot water, trash removal), internet, and grounds and building maintenance. The student housing cost is in addition to CIP tuition and varies by the center:
2024 – 2025 Housing Rates
  • Berkshire, MA $15,612
  • Brevard, FL $15,612
  • Bloomington, IN $18,419
  • Berkeley, CA $35,269
  • Long Beach, CA $25,482
2025 – 2026 Housing Rates
  • Berkshire, MA $18,340
  • Brevard, FL $18,340
  • Bloomington, IN $18,340
  • Berkeley, CA $36,327
  • Long Beach, CA $26,247

Payment Options

In order to secure an accepted student’s place in the program, a signed contract, non-refundable enrollment deposit, and orientation fee are due upon acceptance. CIP uses FACTS Tuition Management to collect all payments. Each financial sponsor can enroll in one of three convenient payment options:

Option I – Full Payment

An early payment discount is available if the full contract amount (for the entire programming year) is paid in advance by the following deadline: $1,000 discount is paid by May 1st.

Option II – Three Installments

The tuition is due in three installments on the following dates: 1st due July 1, 2nd due October 1, 3rd due December 1. *Must be fully registered prior to June 21st to be eligible for three installments.

Option III – Monthly Installments

This plan allows you to spread CIP payments equally in up to 9 monthly installments (Starting on July 1st), without interest or finance charges. *Must be fully registered prior to June 21st to be eligible for 9 installments.

Options II and III are available to all families, regardless of financial need.

Additional Financial Information​

Attending CIP’s specialized post-secondary program requires a financial commitment on behalf of a family. Here are some ways we can help.

Admissions Questions?

Contact our National Admissions Office at +1 (877) 566-9247, email us at, or complete our Online Request Form.
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