Career Preparation​

For Neurodiverse Young Adults

Each young adult with autism, ADHD, and/or learning differences strengths and interests are explored through our Career Continuum. CIP students build a portfolio of valuable experiences by participating in individualized employment experiences and pathways.

Put your skills to work with the help of CIP’s Career Continuum

Competitive jobs require employees with social skills, the ability to manage executive functioning tasks such as time management and organization, and independent living skills. For those on the autism spectrum and with a learning differences diagnosis, the ability to obtain and keep a competitive job that provides a living wage dictates the development of these competencies.

With the help of our career team, CIP students learn and develop a wide range of employment skills through training, counseling, community service, and internship/job experience.

CIP’s Career Team helps our young adults to:

Job Readiness Skills

CIP offers a range of service and support options that provide instruction in communication skills, career counseling, and portfolio development – all individualized to the needs of those with unique and complex learning differences. Activities include developing resumes, the career search process, performing mock interviews, and acquiring transferable skills.

Community Service

Volunteering and service learning provides valuable pre-employment experiences both socially and vocationally. Many students enjoy exploring their interests in a safe environment, often with their peers. Community service also assists in building self-esteem and self-confidence along with expanding ones interests.

Internships & Job Support

Internships are an important part of the CIP student experience. Our highly-trained staff provides guidance and support in helping students match their interests or fields of study with their abilities. The Career Team helps students learn how to independently pursue employment opportunities and provides coaching on each step of the process.

Each CIP location offers a variety of unique opportunities and on-the-job supports for students to gain work experience in the surrounding community.

Past CIP Student Employment Examples:

Career Skills Training & Employment Program (C-STEP)

While some CIP students choose a college academic pathway, others may choose a more direct entry into the world of work

The Career Skills Training & Employment Program (C-STEP) track is an alternative to CIP’s college academic track. C-STEP offers a range of employment-related preparation classes and activities that are challenging, informative, and focused on personal and professional success. As C-STEP students progress, they pursue more extensive internship and job experiences with support and direction.

The program utilizes CIP’s Mploy Job Readiness Workbook in conjunction with supported employment experiences to assist participants to become confident, self-motivated, and self-sufficient young professionals that can forge ahead and succeed in developing a clear career pathway of their own.

The C-STEP program helps participants to become confident, self-motivated, self-sufficient young professionals, learning strategies to find and maintain employment, and forging ahead in developing a clear career path. There is an additional cost to participate in the C-STEP Track.

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