Social Competencies

For Neurodiverse Young Adults

Instilling inspiration, fostering confidence, and supporting young adults with autism and learning differences toward building valuable and meaningful relationships

Social competency is the glue that connects CIP’s comprehensive curriculum

Developing social skills and competencies is an important part of independent life while enrolled in our Full-Year CIP Transition Program. For individuals on the autism spectrum or with a learning difference, social and emotional growth precedes all other growth.

CIP offers both individual and small group social skills sessions to learn concepts, engage in discussion topics, and to practice and model real-life social situations. Social Skills Instructors work in key areas such as perspective-taking, reciprocal conversation, body language, eye contact, self-advocacy, and self-disclosure.

CIP’s Social Skills Team helps our young adults to:

PEERS for Young Adults Social Skills Groups

PEERS® for Young Adults is an evidence-based social skills program from UCLA aimed at assisting young adults in learning skills to make and keep friends and develop relationships. PEERS® covers a range of age-appropriate topics in a small group format. CIP staff are trained to deliver the program at all CIP Center locations. The PEERS® topics and associated language are utilized holistically across CIP’s service areas helping to contextualize, practice, and generalize concepts.

Individual Social Skills Support

As part of the CIP Program offerings, we provide individualized social skills coaching and support for young adults with autism, ADHD, and learning differences. Our students discuss and role play real-life social situations, develop strategies to enter and exit conversations, and receive personalize support for their unique needs. Students also learn and generalize skills in interactive settings and out in the community due to our comprehensive full-year program structure.

Social Mentoring

Research shows that modeling behavior by peer mentors in real-life situations carries the highest degree of learning success. Our CIP students can be matched with a carefully selected social mentor who serves as a peer and a generational (social) translator. Social Mentors work closely with our social skills department and other team members to help facilitate the acquisition of a student’s personal social goals. Social Mentors accompany students on outings, connecting students’ special interests with opportunities to practice social competencies in a variety of relaxed and real-world settings.

Leadership Group

Enrolled students who wish to seek a higher level of leadership skills development and experience can participate in learning modules and hands-on opportunities designed to strengthen their leadership skills and abilities. Students will gain a better understanding of the definition of leadership and its associated knowledge and skills. This includes the concept of leadership; varied leadership styles are foundational in developing personal, organizational, and community leadership skills. Leadership Group students at CIP can also practice their skills within our Student Council, Global Engagement Trips, and other regular reoccurring activities and opportunities within the Full-Year Program.

Student Council

CIP’s Student Council is elected annually and members hold regular reoccurring meetings to represent the larger CIP community. As part of the Student Council, members engage their peers and the CIP staff to represent the student body’s needs, often developing a variety of fundraisers, social events, and other outings. The Student Council decides how funds raised will be spent and allocated. Elections are held in the fall and each officer has responsibilities throughout the year. CIP students learn to develop and refine their leadership skills and to self-advocate and communicate effectively. Students learn to work together to live more independently throughout the entire year, often making lifelong friends and social connections.

CIP's Program for Global Engagement

All enrolled young adults from CIP’s Center locations across the US have the opportunity to participate together in an exciting and educational staff-led international travel experience during the mid-term winter break. These unique adventures provide an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, practice their newfound skills, and learn about other cultures in a safe, supervised environment.

Some Previous Global Engagement Trip Destinations Include:

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