Health & Wellness

For Neurodiverse Young Adults

People perform at their best when there is a sustained level of wellness in their lives. A personal fitness plan can provide balance through proper nutrition, exercise, and stress-reduction practices

Access greater levels of health and well-being

Because every CIP student has different goals and interests, a mix of group and individual sessions best supports the needs present within the student body. CIP students take part in fun and engaging wellness modules finding opportunities to incorporate healthier routines into their daily lives.

CIP’s Wellness Team helps students to:

Fitness & Exercise

Students work individually to develop fitness and wellness plans based on specific goals that are outlined via a fitness assessment. Students attend classes, participate in wellness activities, and work one-on-one with a Wellness Coordinator to set and achieve goals. Students’ motivation increases as they start to feel better, have more energy, and in some cases, lose weight.

Diet & Nutrition

Individual wellness sessions help each student develop and set goals for healthy eating. As students learn to follow nutritional suggestions and guidelines, they become healthier and have more energy. Students learn to select healthy foods, read labels on products, and shop wisely within their budgets to optimize nutrition.

Mindfulness & Yoga

CIP teaches stress reduction through awareness (mindfulness) and meditation as students participate in yoga and learn relaxation techniques to help them remain calm during the day and relax at bedtime. As anxiety is managed, moods elevate and students learn valuable coping techniques.

Therapy Options​

The clinical team at CIP supports students using a variety of clinical strategies to assist in their development of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy as they establish lifelong habits that maintain emotional and physical well-being.

Clinical work with our students is strength-based and holistic, supporting an environment in which students identify personal goals, find the motivation to pursue them, and establish a set of daily habits and routines that allow them to make progress toward those goals.

Individual & Group Therapy

Individual therapy sessions help each student shape and manage his or her life. As students receive guidance and validation through weekly appointments, they learn to deal with day-to-day challenges, frustrations, anger, stress, and anxiety in more appropriate ways. Emphasis is placed on acceptance of self and others while establishing a solid foundation for a fulfilling and productive life. Group modules focused on anxiety reduction are also offered.

Medication Support

Students who have been prescribed medication can meet with their own psychiatrist or one can be recommended, to ensure that medication continues to be safe and effective. Medication coordination is available to help students stay on task to keep prescriptions organized. Clinical staff can support students in self-reporting the effectiveness of their medications to their external prescriber. All students should be compliant with prescribed medications and are required to self-administer their own medications.

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