Ryan Therriault, M.A.

CIP Brevard Melbourne, Florida

Ryan Therriault, M.A.

Ryan has more than twelve years of experience in the field of education and has been with CIP since 2008 as the Academic Coordinator at CIP Brevard.

Ryan regularly conducts national training and delivers public presentations on a variety of topics including Preparing for College and Development of Executive Functions in person and through webinars hosted by CIP. Ryan wrote an article and contributed to two articles published in Autism Spectrum News magazine. Additionally, in her current role, Ryan has the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge she has acquired in a novel fashion while constantly learning something new. Ryan appreciates the opportunity to foster the growth of young adults by encouraging self-reflection, practice and revision.

When not leading individuals to take advantage of learning opportunities at CIP, Ryan is a third generation Floridian who currently resides in Brevard County with her husband and son. She loves spending her downtime with her family, watching movies, volunteering in the community, traveling, and doing various outdoor activities.


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