John Loveland, M.S.W.

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

John Loveland, M.S.W.

Fresh off the boat from Hawai’i where John was Clinical Director of Loveland Academy, Hawai’i’s oldest and largest private day treatment center for autism, John has joined the CIP Bloomington team as the Careers Coordinator. His academic credentials include an undergraduate degree in English and Public Speaking from Denison University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Indiana University, as well as a Professional Teaching License from the University of Michigan.

John brings with him an extensive and diverse background in Careers, naming among others: ownership of a bakery and deli, The Summer Kitchen, Loveland Auto Supply, Loveland Excavating and Construction, Paws-Abilities service dog training and pet supply store, high school English teaching and coaching football and softball, and housing and commercial developments. Along the way, he has taken out time to serve in the Peace Corps in Botswana, Africa, be in two movies, build his own house and various commercial buildings, and move a huge Victorian house that was threatened with demolition.

One of John’s additional bonuses is his friendship with many Bloomington business owners, which should serve useful in helping CIP students to find volunteer opportunities, internships, and careers. John is very excited about his opportunity to help students to find careers that match their interests, values and abilities.

John’s two daughters are grown and busy, one working on a master’s degree in International Sign Language and the other a nursing degree leading to a master’s degree in midwifery. He lives in the woods with his two giant 150 pound+ Maremmas, his black service lab, Ele’ele’, and his cat Earl Grey. John heats only with wood, which he cuts and hand splits himself. Hopefully he’ll have his tractor up and running again by winter, and he will get his piles of beech and hickory to the house before snowfall.

Headshot of John Loveland Career Coordinator for College Internship Program for Autism and Learning Differences