Alejandro Pena

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Alejandro Pena

Alejandro has worked in Education for over twenty years from Kindergarten to Doctorate degrees. His roles have ranged from Academic Advisor to Associate Vice President, and his experience include providing resources to students and families to make sure they have all they need to be successful in their education and their career. Alejandro has also trained and developed staff and ensured they have the resources to serve students and the community. His passion is to serve and provide services to others especially when they do not know those services exist or are available to them.

Alejandro has two young children with Autism and is looking for ways to learn as much as he can to provide services, not only to his own children but to other community members. Together with his wife of ten years, Alejandro has been an advocate for students who have different ways of learning and processing information. Even when the organizations he has worked in do not provide services, Alejandro finds resources for families to reach out to and receive services.

Alejandro brings the joy of service and success to CIP. He brings the vision of creating a thriving community for staff, students, and families. Alejandro is also big on collaboration and sharing his experience while learning from his coworkers and team members. He believes in working smart and sharing ideas and best practices with the team. He is big in professional development as he considers himself a lifelong learner. Alejandro is always promoting work/life balance and thrives when his team thrives. He is the biggest cheerleader for his teams and coworkers. He promotes, empowers, and encourages others to share their goals, dreams, and best practices to serve students and families.

When Alejandro is not collaborating with coworkers or serving students and families at CIP, you can find Alejandro building wooden tracks, throwing rocks in the water, or drawing with his boys. You can also find him doing some type of craft such as glass etching, wood burning, or carving.


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