Lindsey Anderson

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey is the Office Manager of CIP Berkeley. She is passionate about team building, compliance, and creating and maintaining healthy happy work rapports. She has a very collaborative mindset and has helped grow companies from start ups to full scale operations.

Working with teams to help bridge gaps, find operational solutions, and project management has proven to be a key component she provides. As the office manager she helps maintain legal and ethical integrity while implementing our core values into each project at hand.

Being a part of CIP is very near and dear to her as she is an aunt of a seven year old with different learning capabilities, that she absolutely adores.

She is also a small business owner and in her spare time loves to make people smile brighter as a licensed teeth whitening technician, with two lovely daughters that make for great assistants. On weekends, if she’s not making someone smile brighter with a dental lamp, then she’s most likely in the process of baking them a cake.

Headshot of Lindsey Anderson Office Manager for College Internship Program for Autism and Learning Differences
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