Jessica Stewart, M.Ed.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Jessica Stewart, M.Ed.

Jessica Stewart is a seasoned education and youth leadership professional passionate about empowering students to unlock their full potential. With over 25 years of experience in educational Leadership, Jessica’s dedication to modern teaching methods and creating nurturing environments has made her a respected figure in education circles. She holds a Master of Education and specializes in modern teaching methods. She has served as a trusted consultant to teachers, an instructional coach, a Director of Education, a Head of School, a Regional Area Director, and an English Professor. Her diverse professional background includes working in various countries such as Italy, the UK, and Australia, bringing a global perspective to her work.

Jessica spent the last 12 years in Italy, where she established a private English school tailored to student’s individual needs and as a founding member of the Mantova Montessori Association.

As the Program Director at CIP, I play a pivotal role in guiding our educational initiatives to support individuals on the autism spectrum. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in education and leadership, my primary goal is to ensure every student receives personalized support tailored to their unique learning needs. By collaborating closely with our team and stakeholders, I aim to enhance our curriculum and support systems, fostering inclusive environments where all individuals can thrive.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jessica cherishes her role as a loving mother to her vibrant daughter, and in her free time, enjoys painting, playing bass guitar, volunteering as a mentor at her local church, and exploring new cultures through travel.




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