Wrenn Milbourn, B.S.

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

Wrenn Milbourn, B.S.

Wrenn has been a part of the Bloomington CIP community since 2016. She has worked directly in Life Skills, Student Advising, and Administration. She now holds the title of Assistant Program Director.

Since college, Wrenn has been passionate about working with teenagers and young adults. She spent several years volunteering with a high school outreach program where she learned how to build mentoring relationships with students by meeting them where they’re at and accepting them as they are. Wrenn was excited to join the CIP team in 2016 to utilize and continue growing her skills as a mentor and to help young adults beyond the high school level develop into thriving individuals.

As the Assistant Program Director at CIP, Wrenn is part of the leadership team and oversees student services, programming quality, and direct support staff training. She strives for excellence by ensuring CIP direct support staff are equipped with knowledge of best practices in the field.

Wrenn graduated with honors from Indiana University Bloomington in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Animal Behavior. She is currently pursuing further education in the fields of autism spectrum disorder and team management.

Wrenn values humor, fairness, kindness and honesty. When she’s not at CIP, you might find Wrenn playing Sequence, Dominion, or other strategy games with her family, being artistic, cooking, or gardening (both indoor and outdoor). She is sure to be cracking jokes or singing silly songs.


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