Ty Byhanna, A.A.

CIP Brevard Melbourne, Florida

Ty Byhanna, A.A.

Ty Byhanna has worked as a Student Support Specialist at CIP since 2018. He previously found success supporting neurodiverse young adults as an in-home support mentor for Community Access Providers for nearly a decade, where he educated numerous students how to perform valuable independent living skills and routines to develop their ability to live independently, and has utilized these skills to innovatively assist our students here.

As a Student Support Specialist at CIP, Ty works with students to help them become well-rounded, informed citizens who can live independent and self-sufficient lives. Ty also helps to foster inspiration, and confidence and supports them toward building meaningful relationships.

When he’s not working with one of the students in the office you can find him coaching his local wrestling team or spending time with his daughter at the beach.



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