Syncerity Reason, A.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Syncerity Reason, A.A.

With a rich tapestry of diverse work experiences, from delving into the intricacies of human behavior as a lab research assistant to fostering empathy and understanding in customer service roles, coupled with the deeply personal journey of caring for a younger brother with autism. She emerges as a compassionate and insightful social skills coach for adults on the autism spectrum. Their tenure at CSU East Bay, majoring in psychology, has not only honed their theoretical understanding of human cognition and behavior but has also provided invaluable practical insights into the complexities of interpersonal dynamics. Through academic rigor and real-world encounters. She has cultivated a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals with autism, equipping them with the empathy, patience, and adaptability necessary to facilitate meaningful growth and empowerment in their clients. This holistic blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience forms the bedrock of Syncerity’s approach, ensuring that they are not just a coach, but a trusted ally and advocate in the journey towards social mastery and self-fulfillment.

Her deep-rooted passion lies in assisting students to cultivate the skills vital for fostering healthy relationships, particularly with themselves, and how these interactions ripple outwards to affect those around them. Drawing from her intimate understanding of autism, nurtured through her caregiving experiences with her younger brother, Syncerity is committed to empowering students to navigate social dynamics with confidence and self-awareness. By fostering empathy, patience, and adaptability, she aims to catalyze their personal growth and well-being, ensuring they emerge equipped with the tools to thrive in both their interpersonal connections and their journey toward self-independence.

Outside her work schedule, you can find Syncerity reading a book, going on hikes, creating memories with the community, and resting for her well-being.



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