Payton Reil, B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Payton Reil, B.A.

Payton has worked in student-focused settings since 2016, specializing in outdoor education. Most recently, she worked as a program manager for an afterschool program focusing on social-emotional learning and homework support. She has also worked as a social worker support staff at elementary schools in San Francisco, focusing on relationship building and communication.

Payton graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California with a Bachelor’s in environmental studies, focusing on the intersection of individual impact and education. She hopes to continue her education to focus on environmental education with a focus on accessibility.

As a Student Advisor at CIP, Payton focuses on goal setting and self-advocacy skills, by working with students to find a balance between overarching goals and daily skills. Payton emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and empathy to allow students a space to grow. Through her support, the students participate in working towards budgeting, career, and academic goals, while balancing their social life.

Payton loves working at CIP, as she has three sisters with different learning capabilities and helps support them in their transition to higher education and careers. When she is not working at CIP, you can see her hiking the East Bay Hills, taking classes, volunteering with elementary schoolers, and embroidering.



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