Ahmari Hayes, B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Ahmari Hayes, B.A.

After graduating from the University of Illinois as a scholar-athlete, Ahmari Hayes began expanding his journey in the field of Behavioral Therapeutic practices. Returning to California, Ahmari started working at a well-established ABA center, ACES. As a Behavioral Interventionist, Ahmari Hayes was required to obtain his RBT license while practicing with clients; both at the center and home sessions. In addition, Ahmari has been part of the IHSS program, providing services for his great-uncle a couple of days out of the week.

As a Life Skills Coach, it is important to establish a sense of respect for oneself and others around. Being aware of your social situations, cues, and own emotions when grasping real-life choices. Ahmari Hayes has been determined to give the students their space to grow while establishing a set of standards that should be kept to a realistic level. Earning a full-ride scholarship to the University of Illinois, and graduating as a football “Academic All-Big Ten,” is a testament to his commitment.

Outside of CIP, Ahmari is typically spending time with his family. He also makes music and dedicates himself to the gym.

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