Kelsey Kohlman, B.S.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Kelsey Kohlman, B.S.

Kelsey has worked in the field of education since 2021. She previously found success in designing an inclusive after-school program for elementary school students as well as planning and teaching lessons to kindergarteners.

As a student advisor at CIP, Kelsey aims to help students find independence and balance in their daily lives by setting goals and teaching self-advocacy skills, financial literacy, and problem-solving. Kelsey has earned her bachelor of science in psychology from the University of Idaho. As someone with a learning difference of her own and an alumna of Landmark College, Kelsey has had her own journey with navigating life as a neurodivergent person.

When she’s not advising and encouraging students at CIP, you can find Kelsey at a concert, or at home reading, tending to her garden, and spending time with her husband and very demanding cat, Jasper.

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