Joshua Davis, M.A., Ph.D. ABD

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

Joshua Davis, M.A., Ph.D. ABD

Josh has worked as an educator and researcher since 2013. They are an experimental psychologist/cognitive scientist, and their research focuses on music perception and cognition, particularly how music is a form of communication. In the classroom, Josh has earned the distinction of ranking among the top educators at Indiana University; known for their ability to engage and inspire students from diverse backgrounds, and specifically neurodivergent students. Josh is also autistic, which facilitates understanding and connection with CIP students.

As the Social Skills Coordinator at CIP, Josh helps students learn important social skills necessary to navigate a world populated by people that think and act differently than they do; by first meeting students where they are at, finding out where they want to go, and devising plans to help them achieve those goals. Josh engages with students both one-on-one and in group interactions on topics ranging from conversational skills and relationship skills, to teamwork and group dynamics. Josh has earned their M.A. from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and is presently finishing their Ph.D. at the same institution. They are a member of several lab groups on campus in The Media School, the Kinsey Institute, and Jacobs School of Music.

When they aren’t helping students build social skills, Josh is likely to be found writing, reading, in their home studio recording music, or out on a photo shoot. Josh is also an avid gamer, when not working on their dissertation.


Headshot of Joshua Davis Social Skills Coordinator for College Internship Program for Autism and Learning Differences