Jacob Wheeler, M.S.

CIP Bloomington Bloomington, Indiana

Jacob Wheeler, M.S.

Jacob Wheeler has worked in the fields of special education and youth sports for over a decade combined in the Bloomington community in public and private schools and for the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department. Jacob has been working with people of all ages especially younger people to build strong connections and empower them to reach their potential. Jacob especially enjoys helping students develop solid self-esteem and self-efficacy to know they have lots of inherent value and develop the tools to share their value with the world.

As a student support specialist at CIP, Jacob Wheeler helps students by meeting them where they are to empower them to learn and grow to build an understanding of their wellness by developing self-awareness of their moods and emotions and reflecting on how their moods and emotions are affected day to day and hour to hour so they can work towards the habits and behaviors that will lead to a happy and purposeful life. Jacob has earned a master’s degree in secondary education from Indiana University in Bloomington.

When he is not leading wellness activities for students, you can find him at the gym exercising and playing and coaching basketball or enjoying games, movies, and music at home.


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