CIP Berkshire Lee, Massachusetts

Christopher J. Hopkins, M.A.

Chris served at six very different independent secondary schools for over 30 years before joining CIP. He began his career in education as an English teacher, dorm parent, and coach, and over time has held numerous senior administrative positions including Head of School. His most rewarding time was spent serving at a school in Maine that featured students from a wide variety of socioeconomic, geographic, and racial backgrounds. In addition, the School supported a significant population of neurodiverse individuals.

Chris was drawn to CIP Berkshire as several years ago he met and became friends with an autistic adult who is also a published author on the subject of Autism. As Chris read his books he became aware of the neurodiversity in his extended family, understood better why students from his past schools struggled, and he “wished he knew then what he knows now.” Chris works collaboratively with administrators and staff to ensure that the Culture at CIP is welcoming, inclusive, and as effective as possible.

When not taking CIP students walking in the woods observing the flora and fauna of the Berkshires, he’s doing the same himself on his own and with family and friends.


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