Amy Demarest

CIP National Office Lee, Massachusetts

Amy Demarest

Amy Demarest works at the National Office as our Digital Marketing Manager. A Berkshires native, Amy combines a lifelong love of storytelling with a passion for design. These tools have driven a career in communications, and she has utilized them at various Berkshires destinations, including Shakespeare & Company, the Hancock Shaker Village, and the Berkshire Food Co-op.

As the National Digital Marketing Manager at CIP, Amy is involved in all things digital, including our website, e-newsletters, and social media. Her objective is to provide an opportunity for students and their families to learn and understand the mission and values of CIP and why it is such a source of positive transformation for young adults on the spectrum and with other learning differences.

Amy studied Psychology at the State University of New York at Oswego and graphic & web design at one of our local community colleges.

Amy loves exploring and learning, be it through books, travel, sharing ideas with friends, family, and the community, or simply hiking in our beautiful Berkshire mountains. She also is hardwired to create and enjoys art, needlework, cooking, and baking.

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