Webinar: Increasing Student Motivation through Strengthened Executive Function Skills

Please join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, February 15 at 1:00 PM EDT


Does your neurodivergent student often struggle with impulsivity, difficulty paying attention, trouble managing emotions, and difficulty shifting focus from one task to another? Are you tired of the way these challenges impact their lives?You will learn ways to help your young adult:*Gain a better understanding of executive functions (EF)*Break down common executive function roadblocks*Investigate challenges and develop specific methods to work through themOur guest presenter is Ryan Therriault, the Lead Academic Coordinator at the College Internship Program (CIP) Brevard, a comprehensive specialized transition program helping young adults with autism and learning differences. Ms. Therriault has been providing students with academic and executive functioning support since 2008. In the role of academic coordinator, Ms Therriault is responsible for building executive functioning skills, such as planning, prioritizing, and follow-through. In addition, she fosters social skills, such as communicating with instructors, classmates, and student services needed to navigate college independently. She has presented her expertise in the executive function field nationally and virtually worldwide. Ms. Therriault has also been published in several publications including Autism Spectrum News magazine.


About College Internship Program

The College Internship Program is a comprehensive transition program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum and with Learning Differences. Our Mission is to inspire independence and expand the foundation on which young adults with Autism, ADHD, and other Learning Differences can build happy and productive lives.

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