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Online Summer Sessions @CIP​

High school students with autism, ADHD, and other learning differences learn valuable skill sets to make a successful transition to college and beyond during this unique two-week virtual program


Tap Into Life Skills, College, and Beyond!

Summer Sessions@CIP virtual programs help young adults with learning differences to develop valuable skills necessary for making a well-prepared transition in a safe and structured online setting. Our two-week virtual summer programs are specifically created for high school age students with autism and learning differences. Taking the best of what Summer@CIP’s on-campus programs provide, and incorporating a dynamic mix of expert staff from CIP’s comprehensive Full-Year program locations, this unique program will be anything but your typical remote learning offering!

Session Dates​

Virtual Summer Session Dates

2023: No longer accepting applications.

Connect & Engage with Other Like-Minded Participants!

Since 2009, the CIP’s Summer Summer Programs have helped hundreds of students with unique needs related to autism and other learning differences prepare for their next steps; whether it is attending a college, preparing for the workforce or building self-esteem.

Each participant is part of a small cohort, or “Growth Group”, with a highly-experienced staff advisor leading the group through the entire two weeks. Individual modules and larger group meetings provide diverse and differentiated options for learning and engaging.

Key topics covered during SummerSessions@CIP include:

Of course, this will be done in typical Summer@CIP fashion: focused on fun, friends, and crafted to the unique interests of our amazing students!

Program Highlights

Here is just some of what you can expect to take away from SummerSessions@CIP Online:

autism transition program | CIP Summer Sessions
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Example Weekly Student Schedule

A Week in the Life of a Summer Sessions@CIP student. View an example weekly student schedule to find our how CIP supports young adults with Asperger’s, ADHD and other special needs while they pursue college, employment, and independent living.

Structured Social Activities

Throughout our two-week Summer Sessions, many fun and exciting social activities are planned. Drop-in for movie night socials, Houseparty, Fibbage, Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, and much more! Participants will also have adequate break times to relax and socialize.

Life Skills & Independent Living

Students will be taught important independent living skills such as cooking and healthy food choices, time management and organization, laundry, and cleaning instruction. Additionally, staff targets the importance of maintaining overall well-being with a balance of diet, fitness, personal hygiene, and stress management. Experienced CIP staff members provide students with a balance of independence and structured support.

Put New Skills to the Test

Participants will be introduced to our Theme-Based Curriculum, connecting daily themes to a variety of activities and settings, utilizing a combination of teaching methods in the process. We focus on executive functioning, sensory integration, life skills, and social skills are core areas of teaching. All participants will develop a Person-Centered Plan in a multimedia format to create a roadmap for independence. Additional topics include an introduction to the college experience, self-advocacy skills, health and wellness sessions, and interpersonal skills.


Summer@CIP participants have come from over 46 states, Puerto Rico, and 33 countries (Antigua, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and more). In our virtual environment, we expect to see similar diversity!

Admissions Criteria

Applicants are individually assessed to determine both eligibility and their fit within the student group. Please review the following information or contact us to learn more about our admissions process.

Note: Criteria that may make a participant ineligible for the program include but are not limited to: Current or recent significant behavioral or psychological issues, a significant history of violence to self or others, and/or current substance abuse issues.

Tuition & Fees

The 2022 Summer Sessions tuition of $1,500 includes Monday-Friday instructional sessions led by expert instructors, individualized guidance and feedback, daytime and evening social activities, and guest speakers. No additional fees apply.

Full payment of tuition is due upon acceptance and complete registration forms will be required in order to reserve your space. 

Tuition Discounts:

  • A $1,000 credit may be applied towards the cost of attending a comprehensive full-year CIP program 
  • Families with more than one student in the same year are eligible to receive a $150 discount per enrolled student
  • If you’ve previously applied for a Full-Year or Summer@CIP program, contact us for an application fee waiver

Summer Sessions FAQs

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Summer@CIP students and families share their personal journey about finding CIP and experiencing success. Watch the video!

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