Our Students



Cole enrolled in CIP after graduating from high school in Westport Connecticut. After finishing high school, Cole was interested in attending a transition program that would teach him how to prepare academically and socially for a four-year university experience.

While a student at CIP, Cole took classes at Berkshire Community College. He recently transferred to Keene State University and is working towards a four-year degree in Environmental Studies. 

While attending CIP, Cole held internships at Laurel Lake Nursing Home, and Spectrum Theater in Massachusetts. In his spare time Quinn enjoys swimming, playing video games, and watching anime.

When asked about what CIP means to him, Cole commented, “CIP is a place where everyone is welcoming, supportive, and wants to help you achieve your goals. If you get to know your advisor, you can trust that they are there to guide you through any challenges that come up at CIP.”

Cole’s goals are to continue to work towards graduating from college with a degree in environmental studies, get a meaningful job, and make new friends.

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