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Before attending CIP, John was pursuing an Associate degree at Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem. In 2017 he enrolled in CIP and is currently pursuing an Associate degree at Berkshire Community College. John was recently featured on a WNTV news segment and is currently the CIP Berkshire student body President.

John has strong interests in a number of academic subject matters including history, literature, philosophy, video design, and the fine arts. He enjoys outdoor adventuring and is also a fan of a variety of sports.

Over the last few years, John has been employed at Lowe’s Foods and has held internships at The Good Purpose Gallery and at Northwestern Mutual in Massachusetts.

When asked what advice he has to someone considering CIP, John feels it is important to be open minded and adaptable. John stated: ”The best advice I would give to a prospective student is to be willing to listen to what everyone else has to say and then figure out a solution. Everyone at CIP is committed to helping one another and I have found this to be the main positive factor that has consistently shown itself throughout my time here.”

John feels that CIP is like a family. “They have encouraged me, guided me, and allowed me to grow into a significantly better person than I was when I first arrived. The environment of encouragement is truly a wonderful place to enhance the maturity of any young adult and I am honored that I have had such a mutually beneficial experience with CIP the past few years.”

John’s primary goal is to complete his Liberal Arts Associate degree at Berkshire Community College and transfer into an undergraduate social work program at another college in Massachusetts, or in his home state of North Carolina. He would like to pursue a Master’s program in social work after the completion of his undergraduate degree, and is interested in becoming a high school guidance counselor, or possibly returning to CIP to work in numerous possible roles.

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