Our Students



While some CIP students are presently working on an academic track, all of our students are required to do volunteer work, and many also find internships in their desired vocational field. One such student is Alexander H.

Alex serves as the Student Advocate on the Student Council team at the CIP Berkeley Center. He previously attended Berkeley’s Summer@CIP program where he expressed interest in working in film and television production. After joining CIP, Alex gained an internship with a local non-profit organization in Berkeley called Berkeley Community Media (BCM), a public access television station that broadcasts over local cable television and online. BCM interns learn all aspects of working on film and television productions. They are trained in writing for news and short-form narrative scripts, camera operations, lighting, sound capture, and editing. 

Alex has been learning many aspects of production. He has received training on how to write a professionally-styled screenplay. He is an excellent intern, and has the dedication, imagination and work ethic to prove he has the skill set to continue his mentoring in a professional media environment. Not only is Alex applying his executive functioning skills at his internship, he also prioritizes his time management skills to be successful in his academic goals while taking two classes at Berkeley City College as he continues to work towards his long term goal of becoming a chef and a filmmaker.

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