Ralston Gracie, B.S.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Ralston Gracie, B.S.

Ralston Gracie has worked in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu his whole life, as an instructor for 15 years, and in caregiving for six months as a client care specialist, assisting mostly dementia and hospice patients. He has been successful at teaching kids martial arts, exercising discipline, and utilizing meditation.

As a Wellness Coach at CIP, Ralston helps participants improve their physical, and nutritional health goals through cooking, menu planning, and fitness activities. Ralston completed his Bachelors of Science in Health Education at San Francisco State University with a minor and certificate in Holistic Health. He is also certified in essential oils, personal training, sports nutrition, and specializes in using herbs and a whole food plant based diet.

When he’s not working or performing martial arts you can find him in the kitchen, mixing herbs, learning about nutrition, walking the dogs, or running hiking trails.

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