Domonique Ousborn, B. S.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Domonique Ousborn, B. S.

Domonique has worked in the field of Education for 10 years in public elementary, secondary, and higher education settings as an AmeriCorps volunteer, Special education teaching assistant, Therapeutic Support Specialist, and Student Support Coordinator. Domonique has studied at New York University London in the area of Comparative Perspectives on Autism and Well-Being. She previously found success working with students with learning challenges in her graduate studies.

As a Career Coordinator at CIP, Domonique helps empower young adults with life skills by teaching them tasks including executive functioning skills, how to cook, grocery shop, roommate etiquette, and how to clean their living space independently. She also takes students out for walks to stay fit and help students get enough exercise and lastly gives them the opportunity to creatively express themselves in art projects.

Domonique has earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Human Development from the illustrious Howard University in Washington, DC. There she interned at the Howard University Middle School and was a Residential Assistant to freshman women. Also, at Howard, Domonique has presented at The Association of Black Psychologists conference on How can group therapy be applied to survivors of police brutality.

When she’s not working with students, you can find her on the hunt on Yelp searching for new eatery places to try, or burrowed into a corner reading a novel. Domonique enjoys cooking, listening to music, and planning her next adventure.

Headshot of Domonique Ousborn Student Support Specialist for College Internship Program for Autism and Learning Differences
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