Armando Corral Jr., B.A.

CIP Long Beach Long Beach, California

Armando Corral Jr., B.A.

Armando Corral Jr. has been an art teacher, tutor, and aide to many students. Working as a paraprofessional and behavior therapist, Armando found his passion in working with students with learning differences. Armando loves to help his students reach their full potential and thrives to see his students succeed by meeting their academic and personal goals.

As a Life Skills Coach at CIP, Armando helps students with their day-to-day living. Armando will teach students how to maintain a healthy life balance between school and social life. Armando will make it his priority to make sure every student will try their best to achieve their goals. Armando believes that everyone is capable of becoming a strong independent and interdependent individual through patience and perseverance. Armando had earned his degree in Studio Art at San Francisco State University, but his goal was to go back to school to get his MA in Psychology. Armando hopes to one day be a school counselor and therapist.

When Armando is not engaged in assisting students, he can often be found engaging in recreational activities such as running along the beach or taking long hikes by the mountain trails. Armando is interested in the arts, particularly acting and drawing, and he harbors a profound appreciation for the natural world. Armando is also a committed advocate of healthy living practices, exemplified by his preference for nutritious options such as consuming acai bowls.

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