Anna Bernick B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Anna Bernick B.A.

Anna has worked in the field of disability since 2014. First as an intern for Mayor’s Office on Disability in San Francisco and doing disability rights work at University of California Berkeley. As a woman on the autism spectrum herself, she has previously found success working with the disability community at UC Berkeley as a member of the ASUC Disabled Students Committee, advocating for other students with disabilities by contributing to campaigns to provide safe spaces for them.

As an Academic Coach at CIP, Anna helps students become successful in their academic endeavors by advising them on academic strategies, making sure they are on top of what they have to do, providing feedback on assignments, and encouraging them to get any necessary outside help.

When she’s not meeting with students to work on the latest assignment, you can find her running in the mornings (no matter how early she has to get up), hanging out with friends and engaging in her favorite fandoms.

Headshot of Anna Bernick Academic Coach for College Internship Program for Autism and Learning Differences
CIP Long Beach