Alex Ryan

CIP Long Beach Long Beach, California

Alex Ryan

Alex Ryan has worked in the field of Social Skills for six years as an alumni mentor. Alex has found previous success in helping new students adjust to the program successfully by answering any questions they would have about the program and host a variety of different lessons that pertain to independent living. He has had the pleasure of learning more about the different teaching styles of working with young adults on the autism spectrum.

As an Alumni Mentor and Social Mentor, Alex’s mission is to help new students adjust to the program and support students to develop their social confidence in advocacy, decision-making, and building friendships. Alex provides peer support and answers any questions students might have. He wants every student to feel comfortable and welcomed. He keeps all students and all staff to stay informed on updates regarding the center. He supports the club leaders with their leadership skills and encourages them to have a fun experience during social activities. He also provides night checks to all students on Saturdays to ensure they are on top of night routines and apartment cleanliness. Alex successfully graduated from CIP in 2016 and was hired to join and become a valued member of the CIP staff.

When Alex is not interacting with students, you can find him taking pictures of the beach, and at the local AMC watching the latest movie. Alex also likes to hang out with friends, watch the latest streaming tv shows, go to the gym, read comics, listen to music and entertainment podcasts, and watch wrestling.

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