Alex Ryan

CIP Long Beach Long Beach, California

Alex Ryan

Alex came to CIP during the fall of 2013 as a student at the age of 18. Prior to CIP Alex attended high school at Village Glen. One of the things that drew Alex and his family in to choosing CIP was the program offered career counseling, internship coaching, and self-care skills including cooking. During his time as a student Alex developed friendships amongst his peers with whom he still keeps in touch with today.

Alex successfully graduated the program and is now working for CIP as an alumni mentor and social mentor. He truly enjoys his job. Alex’s mission is to help new students adjust to the program and support students to develop their social confidence in advocacy, decision making, and building friendships. Alex provides peer support and answers any questions new students and returning students might have. He wants every student to feel comfortable and welcomed. He also types down notes that was discussed in student forum and sends it to all students and all staff to stay informed on any updates regarding the center. Alex also assists with the social activities by supporting the student club leaders with their leadership skills and encourages them to have a fun experience.

In his spare time Alex enjoys: watching movies, listening to music, attending and participating in local improv groups, attending Meetups, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, spending time with family, reading comics, researching theme park history, and watching wrestling.