Levels of Support

Since every student is unique, it takes an individualized approach to providing social, academic, career and life skills for success.​​

Research shows that students with learning differences achieve the greatest levels of success when enrolled in individualized programs that address their unique strengths and challenges.

In order to maximize the individualized support we provide for our students, CIP’s core curriculum falls within Levels of Support. Each new student is assessed and a level is determined.

We expand on real life goals such as the completion of a degree, building a career, developing a social network and learning the life skills to live independently. Students receive unparalleled supports in the areas they will benefit from the most.


Entry and Full-Year Program Support Levels

Incoming CIP students are assessed into an entry Level of Support of either “Core” or “Plus”, depending on their needs.

What Are The Advantages?


Transition Support Level

Current CIP students who meet certain benchmarks and remain in close proximity have the opportunity to transition to our Off-Campus Support level or Graduate Living Program (GLC). Students can retain the key supports they need while living in their own apartment, on a college campus, and/or transitioning into the local community.

What Are The Advantages?

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