History & Principles​​

CIP students receive unparalleled support and guidance as they work their way through the program

Founded in Lee, Massachusetts in 1984, the College Internship Program (CIP) originally served as a community-based alternative to institutions for students with Learning Disabilities.

The program was founded to supply a transitional apartment program for individuals to learn the skills necessary to live independently.

From the beginning, the program served as a psycho-educational alternative to traditional “medical model” facilities.

The founder, Dr. Michael McManmon, was profoundly influenced by the work on “Normalization” by Wolfensberger. The belief is that students with learning differences must live, learn and work in environments which duplicate normal real-life conditions.

With assistance from our Professional Advisory Board Members, CIP has developed comprehensive curriculum specifically for Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism, nonverbal learning differences, ADHD and other learning differences.

Further development in academic supports include tutoring, advising, executive functioning skills groups, study halls and academic liaison with colleges and universities.

In order to provide as normative an experience as possible, those with Learning Differences must live in environments where they learn to do all the things a typical adult does: shop, cook, clean, pay bills, etc. All teachings take place in environments that will generalize to life experience afterward.

As alternative or adjoined curriculum to academics, CIP’s career program offers services such as career counseling, employment skills classes, internship/job liaison, job coaching and internship/job support groups.

Developing social skills and social thinking is an important piece of independent life. CIP offers individual social mentoring, social thinking group classes and a social transition group for students transitioning out of CIP.

As a residential program, experienced staff work with students 1-on-1 in their own apartments assisting them in cooking instruction and safety, apartment maintenance and executive functioning and organization skills. Students are incorporated into CIP’s diverse and supportive learning culture in which all individuals are treated with respect.

Since 1984, the College Internship Program has expanded into five national centers of excellence with full-year and summer program options.

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