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Independence Award Scholarship

The intent and purpose of the CIP Independence Award Scholarship program is to help further diversity, equity, and inclusion at the College Internship Program by subsidizing the cost of tuition for motivated individuals of color who may personally and professionally benefit from the program.

Application process

An online form made available within CIP’s application portal, attestation of ethical/cultural background, attestation of ability to cover remaining required funds, a statement provided about their potential contributions to CIP’s student community. The recipient will be notified via certified mail, by email, and by phone. Funds will be deducted from students’ amounts due upon enrollment.

Selection process 

The selection committee consists of 5 people within CIP. A rolling Committee of two Program Directors, two D&I council members, and the President as the 5th vote. Merit-based selection process based on the individual’s overall contributions to make to the CIP community (CIP core values of growth, respect, community, and teamwork.)


  • Full-Year Program only. Discounted annual tuition only. Awarded on a recurring basis annually until graduated/withdrawn for three consecutive year periods. Applications for extensions after three years are allowed
  • Students must maintain sufficient performance in the program to remain eligible as deemed by CIP
  • Non-refundable/no monetary value otherwise and cannot apply funds to another program year
  • Cannot be applied elsewhere outside of CIP. Do not have to be repaid
  • Subject to CIP’s ongoing admittance and can be discontinued upon CIP’s sole decision to withdraw if needed, based on CIP’s sole discretion
  • Can be used in conjunction with the summer program and sibling discounts. No restrictions on payment plan otherwise. Cannot be used for a non-refundable enrollment deposit.

CIP Independence Award: Scholarship Application

  • Please summarize why you feel you would be a good recipient of CIP's Independence Award.
  • Please summarize why you feel you would be a good recipient of CIP's Independence Award.
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