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CIP Berkshire student

Samantha N.

After high school, Samantha attended Community College in New Haven, CT and enrolled in a transition program where she took classes and participated in social activities. During this time, she also obtained paid employment at Walgreens. After attending the local transition program, she decided to enroll in CIP’s-Berkshire program. After attending CIP Berkshire for 2 years, Samantha transferred to CIP Brevard. Samantha has been accepted into Brevard’s Graduate Living Community and is working on being more independent and experiencing life away from her parents.

Samantha works over 24 hours a week at Walgreens as a Customer Service Associate. She enjoys watching movies and most importantly, spending time with her family and friends. 

When asked about advice for someone considering a program like CIP, Samantha shared, “I believe coming to CIP will further help with your education and to be more independent,” she stated. “CIP is very successful for people coming into this program because when you get out, you will have the ability to become your own person, and will not be struggling to find your own way. No matter what life throws at you, you will be proud and be amazed that you can do things you never thought you could accomplish!”, she continued.

Samantha feels that CIP offers options to students that will help them with what they need in order to be more successful and independent. 

After finishing CIP, Samantha plans to go back to live near her friends and family in Connecticut. She plans to transfer to a Walgreens near her home and continue her employment there. Samantha would also like to have her own place with a roommate or loved one.

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