Arthur M.

Arthur lived in the Zona Sul area of the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil until the age of 18. Before enrolling at CIP, Arthur attended a private bilingual American school where he finished high school. Arthur has faced adversity with grace, grit, and resilience. He continues to do well in his coursework, advocates for himself when needed, and stays connected socially where he is able to.

Arthur’s special interests include playing video games and anime. He is fascinated by fictional worlds and his imagination which has led him to an interest in scriptwriting and storytelling. He is also interested in philosophy and politics.

When asked if he has any advice for someone considering programs like CIP, Arthur commented, “Go in with an open mind and the idea that when living and coexisting with others, you eventually have to change or adjust your behavior in some way in order to be in a good place with yourself and others.” 

Arthur feels that CIP is a “school of life” where students can expand their abilities in a number of areas with the overall aim of preparing you for your future, whatever that is. “This means being in a place that allows me to work on a number of areas of learning that aren’t necessarily theoretical,” he commented. “Also, CIP focuses on expanding your proficiency with social skills, living skills, academic skills, career skills, wellness, and more.”

Regarding future plans Arthur is working to earn a Music Production Certificate from Berkshire Community College in Massachusetts.

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