Stacey LaMontagne, RN, BSN

CIP Brevard Melbourne, Florida

Stacey LaMontagne, RN, BSN

Stacey earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Florida and holds a Registered Nursing license. She has experience in Child/Adolescent Psychiatric nursing, education, pharmaceutical sales, caring for and working with individuals and their families in the management of chronic illnesses.

Stacey began with CIP in 2019 as a student advisor and in that role, Stacey helps guide and mentor the young men and women at CIP by facilitating the weekly goal setting and self-assessment process, tracking and communicating progress, helping teach money management and budgeting, and ensuring that the student has every opportunity to be involved in the direction of their program and services.

On a personal note, Stacey enjoys outdoor activities such as tennis, boating, and biking. She is also a wife and mother of two teenage boys, ages 17 and 15 and understands a parent’s desire to help their children achieve fulfilling and productive lives.

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