Shaza Abbas, B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Shaza Abbas, B.A.

Shaza has worked in commercial banking and retail management for five years. Growing up with a younger sibling with autism, she has made it her goal and aspiration to give back, cater to, and profusely advocate for those with ASD.

She previously found success initiating and executing a Community Action Project in her Bay Area hometown where she led high school students of Learning Differences to collaborate with mainstream students as they learn to develop relationships, gain independence and social skills, and excel in academic performance.

As a Career Coach at CIP, Shaza aspires to assist students in unveiling their hidden dexterities and passions while guiding them towards career placement and maintenance. She continues to foster healthy relationships with community employers in the hopes to aid students advance in their professional endeavors.

Shaza holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in psychology and Arabic from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has made it her mission to de-stigmatize the conceptualization of people with Learning Differences in the workforce. She is extremely grateful to join such an impassioned team and hopes to advance CIP’s mission by aiding students reach their full potential.

When she is not at CIP, Shaza enjoys doing skincare treatments and anything beauty related; in addition to spending time with family and friends.

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