Sarah B. Williams, B.A.

CIP National Office Lee, Massachusetts

Autism Program Staff Headshot

Sarah B. Williams, B.A.

Sarah has worked in the field of communications and public relations for over 30 years. Prior to joining CIP in 2009, Sarah served a partner at Miramar, a marketing and public relations firm in California. Previously, she worked for marketing firms in San Francisco, New York City and Columbus, Ohio handling a variety of public relations, marketing, sales and event management duties.

As the National Communications Coordinator at CIP, Sarah works to perform a variety of internal and external communications duties to help increase CIP’s visibility through the development and distribution of news and information. She works collaboratively with the management team to develop and implement communication strategies which will broaden CIP’s impact and overall messaging.

Sarah earned a BA from UC, Berkeley, California and has completed continuing education courses at Stanford University and UC Berkeley. She has been published in Johns Hopkins Journal of Qualitative Research in addition to publications serving the autism and LD community.

Sarah is passionate about working to help young adults with learning differences achieve success. Her oldest son is a CIP alumnus who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and OCD.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys hiking, seeing friends, traveling to new countries, and spending time with her husband and three adult children.

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