Rocky A. Young, B.A.

Rocky graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2000 with a desire to pursue a career in the legal field. After obtaining a position as an alternative education instructor with the Academy of Wheeler Clinic, he quickly realized he had a passion for helping students with learning differences overcome obstacles, both real and imagined while supporting them on their path to achieving their goals.

Rocky served as a teacher for 7 1/2 years and moved into a counseling role at the Hartford Job Corps in order to develop himself professionally while still being able to work with students with learning differences.

For four years Rocky worked in a managerial capacity as a Counseling Manager and Social Development Director. Throughout his extensive career in education he has fostered positive change and growth and is especially proud to work with the student body here at CIP.

In his spare time, Rocky enjoys drawing/painting, reading, movies, hiking, fishing, sports, and learning to cook new and interesting things.

Autism Program Staff Headshot
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