Pilar Page, M.S.W

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Pilar Page, M.S.W

Pilar Page has worked in the field of education and administration for over a decade as an advisor, career coach, licensed counselor and as a director of student services. Her experiences include providing access, advocacy and support for students with learning differences, ensuring institution compliance with federal and state laws, developing curriculum to ensure quality programming, and also facilitating counseling sessions, workshops and professional development for students and staff. Pilar started her work at CIP as the Assistant Program Director and was later promoted to Program Director.

Pilar brings her excitement for education, her passion for leadership, and also an eagerness to build stronger communities while empowering young adults to strive for their vision of success. She found success in developing and advising several leadership programs across two college campuses, and also at CIP. She currently serves as the facilitator and advisor for the student leadership program at the Berkeley center, where she provides educational opportunities to encourage and empower students to recognize their strengths, trust their potential and actively participate in promoting positive changes at CIP.

Pilar is dedicated to maintaining a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment where staff and students can thrive and grow to their fullest potential. She places a high emphasis on utilizing a collaborative and strengths-based approach to support staff and students in setting and achieving their unique goals. She fosters a growth mindset rooted in engagement, inclusivity and quality experiences, while also serving as Chair for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at CIP.

Pilar earned a Masters in Social Work and Community Organization from Baylor University and is also a member of the Phi Alpha Honors Society. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Race and Gender Studies from the University of Redlands.

When Pilar is not collaborating and supporting staff, students, and families at CIP, she can be found getting the most out of high intensity workout regimens, competing in various obstacle races, traveling the world or back home to Jamaica, or just simply enjoying the outdoors with her family and friends.

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