Paulette Tran, B.A.

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Paulette Tran, B.A.

Paulette Tran has worked in the field of social/emotional learning and youth development for over a decade. She also has a strong background in cooking, athletics, and relationship building. Currently, she is impacting the CIP community by broadening the scope, supporting the students in being leaders of their own learning, and creating change.

Paulette started at CIP as a Student Support Specialist where she engaged students in hands-on modules that develop skills in self-sufficiency, mostly focusing on health and wellness. As a Life Skills Coordinator, her mission is to produce well-rounded, informed citizens who can live self-sufficient lives and navigate the community independently. She focuses on teaching and practicing independent living skills, facilitating recreational activities, and teaching safety in the home and in the community.

Outside of CIP, you can find Paulette making Vietnamese food at the farmers’ market, spending time with her family, and/or attending community events around the Bay Area.

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