Marisa Lagrimas, M.A., CCC

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Marisa Lagrimas, M.A., CCC

Marisa Lagrimas has worked in the field of career counseling for 3 years. She previously found success as a paid intern with Bay Area recruiters: Phase2Careers, Slingshot Connections & FilAM Radio, USA.

As a Career Coach and Student Support Specialist at CIP Berkeley, Marisa helps facilitate CIP curriculum. Marisa acknowledges that the curriculum is not always fluid and that the flow among student peers resembles, to her, said “a-community-at-work”. Through her interactions with CIP students and by listening to students, Marisa observed how they establish their own preferred ‘codes-of-conduct’, challenging herself, professionally, to remain responsive to them. Marisa has earned her Masters of Arts in Career Counseling from Saint Mary’s College of C.A. in Moraga, C.A. She holds a certification from the NCDA and is pursuing her National Certified Counselor certificate from the NBCC, expected May 2023.

When she’s not writing in her creative journal or planning activities with friends & family, you can find her training in the pool or relaxing poolside.


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