Lauren McCaffrey

CIP Berkeley Berkeley, California

Lauren McCaffrey

Lauren has been around individuals with disabilities her whole life. Having a learning disability herself, she was a student here at CIP-Berkeley for five years. She is passionate to help others succeed in their goals. She also has a knack to connect with people on a closer level.

Prior to working here, she worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a Talent Outreach intern. While there, she got the opportunity to collaborate on various projects including career fairs, conferences, and various marketing opportunities. Lauren has completed her certificate in Social Work and Human Services and currently is in pursuit of getting her Associate’s Degree in Social Work.

As a Life Skills and Wellness coach, Lauren hopes to help students gain confidence in their skills and self-advocacy in maintaining their living space, and other aspects of living independently living: managing their time well, cooking, and finding the balance of self-care.

When she’s not helping students achieve their goals, you can find her reading a good mystery novel, exploring the Bay Area, spending time with her friends and family, or finding a good show to watch.


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